I am an expert at assessing situations and helping you figure out a plan of action. I will be working with you to create a functional, efficient, organized space as we well as equipping you with new skills that you will be able to use to maintain the order. During our organizing sessions I will:

  • Work directly with you to sort through your items
  • Help you decide what to do with each item
  • Organize everything in the area we are working on and make it look good
  • Teach you systems and strategies to help you stay on track going forward

My rates are based on an hourly rate. I also offer pre-paid discounted packages for blocks of 10, 25 and 50 hours (for very large projects we can discuss). For bigger projects I can also bring an associate – rates for this will be discussed as needed. I do require a 3 hour minimum per session but we will work to develop a plan for your time schedule and budget.  Ask about our discounted maintenance program – Once we have you back in order and the so called heavy lifting is done I can come over on a scheduled basis to do “maintenance” and keep you on track.  We accept cash, check, Paypal and now credit cards.


Below are the organizing services and solutions that Jill Bellucci Organizing LLC can provide for you:

Residential Organizing

Jill Bellucci Organizing specializes in all aspects of residential organization. I work on closets, kitchens, garages, home offices, kids rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms and much more.  I will organize closets to maximize space and streamline wardrobe selection; de-clutter and organize your kitchen, home office or garage; get your bathrooms and bedrooms in usable, livable order; all while making everything look visually appealing – I have a passion about organization but it also very important to me that your personal areas reflect and represent you.  We can also help you with your paper clutter, filing and computer files.


I will be your move manager. I help with pre-move organizing, purging, packing and unpacking that will allow you to efficiently move all of your possessions.  When packing I will have an easy to reference master list showing where all of your possessions are located so they can be easily accessed after the move.  I will also help dispose of your unwanted purged items. If needed I can coordinate with movers and storage units so the move can be smoothly completed.

When people move to a new home boxes can sit around the house unpacked for weeks if not months – this can be very stressful; I can efficiently get your house unpacked, functionally set up and ready to use.

Downsizing/Senior Moves

Downsizing can be a stressful event for everyone involved. Sorting through a lifetime’s worth of belongings and moving out of a long time home can be a very hard and an emotional process. I can help reduce this stress and get you through the downsizing and moving process.  Losing a loved one is devastating and can take a lot of time to come to terms with – I have helped many people start and get through the process of going through possessions and deciding what to keep. I will be with and help you through all aspects. I can concierge the whole process for you – Sorting, decision making, purging, packing, dealing with storage sites and moving companies, actual disposal of items and unpacking/transitioning into your new home.  If you have a lot of nice items that you just are not going to have room for, I can also get those sold for you and get some extra money in your pocket through my consignment services.

Business/Commercial/Home Office

Companies can incur significant cost from disorganization and poor time management – this disorganization can lead to poor customer service, missed sales opportunities, lack of follow through and increased stress on employees or yourself. I can help you get your business space and home office organized and in order so you can use your space efficiently and become more productive. I help with complete office organization, creating and maintaining filing systems, office storage solutions, visual merchandising and computer organization.

Storage Units

There are over 48,000 primary storage units in the US. The average rent for a 10×10 non-climate controlled unit is $115/month.  About 9% of the US population is using storage units now, and many people have multiple units.  Most of these units have belongings and items packed in with no order.  I will help you maximize and use all the space effectively, allowing you to easily access and find items when needed.

Photos and Photo Albums

Are many years worth of pictures just stuffed into boxes and drawers? I can help you get your photos under control and into photo albums so you and your family can easily enjoy them.  We can also work with you to scan and organize all of your photos.

Wardrobing and Personal Shopping

This can be as simple as helping you decide which belt to wear to finding and putting together outfits for your upcoming once in a lifetime vacation.  I worked in the fashion industry for over 12 years, all the while running high end retail clothing stores.  I can draw from this knowledge to assist you in developing and designing a fashionable wardrobe.  Also, to help you find that perfect outfit and enhance your fashion persona I can personal shop with you or for you.  My fashion sense and style will help you look and feel better.


If you have high end, well maintained handbags, clothing, shoes, jewelry, accessories and small household items and collectibles I can consign these for you through my online consignment store, Consign239. We offer very high splits to our clients on designer goods – as high as 70%. Our consignment service is primarily online which will give your items a chance to be seen by the millions of online shoppers out there as opposed to just people of our local community. We think this gives us the opportunity to get the most for your consigned goods. Our consignment process is about convenience and superior client service – there is no dropping off and picking up – we come directly to you. This is a great way to get the clutter and extra items out of your house while putting a little extra cash in your pocket. If you have decided to donate some of your clothes or possessions I will take those and drop off at selected donation centers, after which you will be provided with a detailed receipt for your tax records.  Contracts and commissions may apply.